Art Consultancy

We help select and purchase the right artwork to best represents your organisation. Where off-the-shelf artworks do not meet your needs, we work with artists to develop specially commissioned art works for the specific site. We will help you consider and address the many budgetary and logistical challenges that come with such commissioning.

Art Valuations

Our valuations have been used for estate tax cases, insurance, loans, donations & bequests, tax incentive schemes and asset management and declaration purposes. We advise on suitable conservators or restorers based on their specialized expertise in certain media, so that your artworks are properly restored and maintained over time.

Art Exhibitions

We will help you identify suitable concepts and artists, and offer total project management from venue hire, set up and take-down, contract preparation for artwork loan and sponsorships, and other logistical aspects. We can leverage our network of partners and resources to explore sponsor or funding opportunities to enhance the success of an exhibition.